Setting Up A Conference On A B149

This How-To covers setting up a conference on an Avaya B149 Analog Conference Handset. These handsets are supported from R7.0.

I have personally tested these steps on R9.0 and R9.1, but they should apply to any release the handsets are supported on.

Required Configuration:
Check there is a *47 Short Code in the IP Office configuration with the Feature set to Conference Add. If *47 is being used by something else other than Conference Add, create a new Short Code and use this new Short Code in the below steps.

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Migrate Windows Voicemail Pro to Linux

With the UCM and the introduction of the Application Server, we no longer need to give money to Bill Gates or the Evil Empire (Microsoft).  Then, once that took off, Avaya used that as a base, for Server Edition.  

If you are scared that you will need to learn Linux, in order to work on treh UCM/Application Server/Server Edition, then fear no more.  Think about it, we just use clients to program things….One-X Portal uses WebAdmin; IP Office uses Manager (or web manager); Voicemail Pro uses a client.  SO nothing Linux yet.

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Enable console output via telnet

Sometimes you can’t get a serial cable connected to an IPO but you need access to the debug port, ie, no serial cable or physical access. This doesn’t help if you’re looking for startup logs but it gets you access to an IPO that’s up and running.

  • Connect via the manager
  • Expand the User section and select user NoUser.
  • Select the Source Numbers tab.
  • Use the Add button to add this magical source number:PATCHES 0x0020
  • Press OK and save the configuration to the IPO
  • Restart the IPO
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    Paging Via Voicemail Pro

    Voicemail Pro can be used to deliver pre-recorded announcements. This can be useful when the same announcement is repeated frequently. This method requires the paging port to be an analog extension.

    This method also removes the feedback loop that can occur on some sites as the page is first recorded and then played.

    Example 1

    1. In Voicemail Pro, a new Module was added and named Page. vm_module_paging_01

      1. A Post Dial action was added to the module. The properties of the Specific tab were set as shown: post_wav

      We then saved and made live the new Voicemail Pro call flow. In Manager we received the IP Office configuration and created a new short code.

      Short Code: *80

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    IP Office Server Edition Backup

    Often, we get questions from customers on how to do a backup to Server Edition.  It is pretty easy, but most commonly I am finding that people are trying to save the Primary servers backup on the secondary and vice-a-verse.

    I am running virtualized in my lab, so that isn’t possible, as i would need 100 Gig of space.  If you do not have that much space, you will see in WebManagers system tab, that there is “None” (space) available.


    So, what you need to do is find a server to back things up to.  This server can be running FTP, http, https, SFTP or SCP.

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    FNE Codes Decrypted

    With mobility (Mobile Twinning) becoming such a common part of life for workers, IP Office can do this with ease, even on Essential Edition.

    Remembering that everyone can have Mobile Twinning for free, once the platform is licensed for Essential Edition and higher (Essential, Preferred and Server Edition).

    FNE Number Feature DID Numbers
    00 System Dial Tone 513-555-1000
    01 Steal Call 513-555-1001
    02 Auto Call Back 513-555-1002
    04 Forward All Calls 513-555-1003
    05 Forward Busy and No Answer Calls 513-555-1004
    06 Call Forward Disable 513-555-1005
    07 Park Call 513-555-1006
    08 Call UnPark 513-555-1007
    09 Pick Up Group 513-555-1008
    10 Directed Call Pick Up 513-555-1009
    12 Withheld CLI (To External Calls off IPO) 513-555-1010
    13 Enable CLI (To External Calls off IPO) 513-555-1011
    14 Conference Add 513-555-1012
    15 Drop Call 513-555-1013
    16 Private Call (cannot be intruded or recorded) 513-555-1014
    17 Held Appearance Select 513-555-1015
    18 Same as FNE 00 – Dial Tone Appearance (a=) 513-555-1016
    19 Enable Twinning 513-555-1017
    20 Disable Twinning 513-555-1018
    24 DND On 513-555-1019
    25 DND Off 513-555-1020
    26 Blind Transfer 513-555-1021
    27 Transfer to Voicemail 513-555-1022

    As you can see by the above table, we need to assign every feature we want to use, to it’s very own DID number.  Once set up, you just call that number to activate the feature.  For instance, to turn o Twinning, you would dial 513-555-1017, from the phone number that is set up for mobile twinning….soo lets look at the IP Office side of things.

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    Click to call from Outlook

    IP Office, back in the day, used to use TAPI to allow users to dial from Outlook Contacts.  Now that Microsoft has entered the voice telephony, they have enhanced capabilities in their products.

    With IP office Release 9, Avaya allowed the One-X portal desktop clients to enable the Smart Tag feature set.  So, to have the ability that a user can click on a number in Outlook, Word or Excel, you first need to enable the Smart Tag options in Microsoft

    Microsoft Outlook 2007:

    1. In the Tools menu, select Options.

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    IP Office 9.1 security settings

    With 9.1 there are a lot of changes made to add more security to the system.
    One of them is is that you are forced to change the default passwords at the first log in.
    One exception is when you upgrade from a lower version, you will keep your current credential until you reset the security settings.

    So when you want to open the config of your system then you will get a new screen where you are asked to change the default credentials.Security_Reset_9_1-1

    Once you have done this and clicked on the OK button then you will get three notifications that the new passwords are set.

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    Comparison of IP SoftPhone and Avaya Communicator

    With  the release of IP Office 9.1, the IP SoftPhone (Re-branded Counterpath Xlite) is no longer supported.  The replacement, is a more clean interface, but we do lose some features.  No video, no programmable buttons, etc.

    See below table for a side by side comparison.



    9.0 – IP Office Softphone 9.1 – Avaya Communicator
    Windows XP Support Y N
    Windows 7 Support Y Y
    Windows 8, 8.1 Support N Y
    Compliance to RFC 3261 SIP standard Y Y
    Support for DTMF (RFC 2833, inband DTMF or SIP INFO messages). Y Y
    Support for Secure SIP (TLS) N Y
    Support for Secure Media (SRTP) N Y
    Support for the following audio codecs: G.711, G.729a, G.722 Y Y
    Support for H.264 Video codec Y Y
    Support for firewall traversal – Remote worker N Y
    Automatic detection and configuration of audio and video devices Y Y
    Acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, voice activity detection Y Y
    Provisioning/licensing from IP Office Y Y
    Simultaneous User Support N Y
    Call display & Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) Y Y
    Speakerphone and Mute Y Y
    Redial, Hold, Do Not Disturb Y Y
    Call history – list of received, missed, and dialed calls Y Y
    Call forward Y N
    Call transfer Y Y
    Six-party ad-hoc audio conferencing Y Y
    Ad-hoc conferencing with IP Office Limits N Y
    Six-party ad-hoc video conferencing Y N
    Meetme Audio Conference   Controls N Y
    Single Party Point to Point Video Y Y
    Support for several languages in addition to English: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Y Y
    Contact list containing the individual user’s contacts Y Y
    Directory containing names from central and personal IP Office directory Y Y
    The Softphone includes an icon to indicate your presence. Including DND Y Y
    Instant Messaging Y Y
    Auto Answer Y Y
    Password change handling N Y
    Web Collaboration Integration N Y
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    Xima VRTX recording on Avaya IP Office

    Xima released a new device a while ago, the VRTX.
    The VRTX is used for recording calls on a SIP trunk or an E1/T1.
    On the front there are two ports, one from the router (SIP) or ISDN Modem and the second for the IPOffice.


    On the back there is an USB mini connector to connect the VRTX to a PC or server running Xima Chronicall.


    The VRTX requires that Xima Chronicall is installed, see
    Also required is the recording library license and a license per channel.
    If you want to record 10 calls at the same time then 10 channels are needed.

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