Create 3rd party Certificate for IP Office

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For IP Office, with all the new applications and need for security, certificates are becoming more of a common place for iP Office programmers.  Every certificate provider will do things a bit differently, but the basics and flows are the same.

For a signing authority, you need:

  • Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and Private Key used to create the CSR
  • Verification of Domain Ownership

IP Office Linux servers and IP500 V2 do not support the manual generation of a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) where the private key is retained within the server. Either a web form based request or a third party tool to create a CSR can be used.

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Enable console output via telnet

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Sometimes you can’t get a serial cable connected to an IPO but you need access to the debug port, ie, no serial cable or physical access. This doesn’t help if you’re looking for startup logs but it gets you access to an IPO that’s up and running.

  • Connect via the manager
  • Expand the User section and select user NoUser.
  • Select the Source Numbers tab.
  • Use the Add button to add this magical source number:PATCHES 0x0020
  • Press OK and save the configuration to the IPO
  • Restart the IPO
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    Reset Security Passwords in IP Office

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    Passwords can be reset to default values via the RS232 (DTE) Maintenance port on the back of the IP Office.

    DTE Port Settings:

    • Access to the DTE port requires a (straight) serial cable between your PC/Laptop and the IP Office.
    • Configure PuTTY, HyperTerminal, etc, for serial as follows: 38,400 – 8 – N – 1 – None – VT100


    Enter the following commands (in bold) when the IPOffice is running normally. (Do no press ESC during startup!):

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