Standard Base Config by Kyle L Holladay Sr

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IP Office Standardized Base Configuration
Designed and maintained by
Kyle L Holladay Sr.  July 18, 1973 – March 26, 2013 (R.I.P.)

Build 121911 for IP Office R8 (Initial Release)



The standardized Base Configuration is intended to provide a fully customizable platform based on a consistent and stable base configuration for IP Office and Voicemail Pro implementations. I designed the original standard base configuration 2005 to unify the varied programming methods used by individual IP Office technicians within the same organization. By building each configuration based on a standardized core, the end-user’s experience is unified resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction and a much lower learning curve for support staff.

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Creating Conference bridge – Announcing Participants

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Creating a simple conference menu is a common request, and with voicemail Pro, we can announce the attendees.  There are a few things we would need to set up first.

Here is the conference module we will make:


1.  First we need to make a short code for all users to have a conference bridge.  Here we use 7 and our extension number (407 for testing).

Shortcode Conf

This is what Voicemail Pro will transfer callers into for a bridge ID.  Also, if there are user internal, they will be able to dial 7XXX, where XXX is the extension number of the conference host.

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