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IP Office Web Manager

IP Office Web Manager is a browser based management tool released with IP Office R8 designed to simplify the installation and maintenance process by providing an intuitive and user-friendly management tool that runs on most standard browsers. The new IP Office Web Manager eliminates the need to have windows operating system as it can run on any device that supports standard browsers. IP Office Web Manager is designed for the new IP Office Basic Edition also in introduced in R8 (2011).

IP Office Web Manager Menu Driven Configuration

The IP Office Web Manager has a newly designed menu that enhances the navigation. The tool is designed to configure tasks or features v/s parameters. The following menus are supported with the IP Office Web Manager:

IP Office Web Manager Home

A new concept of a homepage or dashboard lets the administrator see a full system view in a graphical way. This, a very logical view of the system, includes port status LED lights. Following are the system LED status indicators.

  • Green color – Port is connected and correctly configured.
  • Red – Port is connected but is either not correctly configured or is down.
  • Grey – Port is not connected and is available.

Mouse over the LED displays a pop-up with the configured user with name and extension number. The particular user configuration can be edited directly by clicking on the pop-up. A critical message bar displays any critical alarms. Upon clicking on the message, the administrator will be taken directly to the relevant configuration page for any debugging. The three system status indicators on the right display the installed HW, System information and configured features. The four feature information tabs display detailed configuration status on voicemail, hunt group, users and auto attendant. The user configuration is extracted and available as a separate tab item because it is one of the most used feature day1 during initial system configuration as well as day2 for adds, moves and changes.

IP Office Web Manager

IP Office Web Manager Role Based Administration

IP Office Web Manager supports role based administration. Super user logs on to the system using system default username and password. The Super User can then add more administrators with different read/write privileges.

IP Office Web Manager Import & Export

Many features within the new IP Office Web Manager support import and export capabilities using.csv and .xml. This lets the administrator prepare the information before hand (i.e. ask the customer to provide an excel sheet with user names, extensions and features) and simply import to complete the system configuration.

IP Office Web Manager Help

The IP Office Web Manager provides intuitive help. There is pop-up help when the user tries to configure a non-supported configuration. Also if a parameter value is not valid, the configuration window becomes red and the Save button is automatically grayed out prevents invalid configurations from getting saved. Quick Inline editing also helps configure/change settings easily.

IP Office R9 Web Manager Improvements

IP Office Web Manager was initially launched with IP Office R8.0 to support the Basic Edition. In R8.1 Web Manager’s use was expanded to include the Automated On-Boarding functionality required to support the introduction of the IP Office Support Services (IPOSS) offering. A complementary Web Control Portal was also introduced in R8.1 to support the multi-site administration of the Mid Market solution running Server Edition solution. The next step in Avaya’s plan to further evolve the IP Office Web Manager into a single, comprehensive management tool for IP Office is available in R9.0. IP Office R9.0 delivers the following Web Manager innovations:

Manager for Server Edition:

  • Consolidated management platform for mid-market multi-site solution (primary, secondary, expansion, application servers).
  • The R8.1 server management portal (Web Control) has been enhanced and integrated into Web Management.
  • Single URL management; no need to point to different servers
  • Single, one-time log-in for IP Office management including VM Pro and One-X Portal Simplified task flow, intuitive menu structure and enhanced graphical design
  • Improved, solution wide back-up, restore, upgrades and user management
  • User management for User configuration, moves, adds and changes, import/export

IP Office Web Manager R9