IP Office Virtualization

IP Office R9.0 introduces a virtualized version of IP Office. This software allows IP Office to coreside on customer provided hardware alongside other customer applications; instead of needing dedicated hardware. This provides customers with a means of better utilizing their computing resources, as well as adding flexibility in how they manage their hardware environment and applications.

IP Office Server Edition R9.0 is fully supported on the VMware vSphere platform and supports the same features as a regular Server Edition:

  • 1-750 users
  • Up to 32 nodes
  • Same topology
  • Supports a mix of virtualized and real nodes
  • Virtual image follows industry standards for Virtual Appliances (OVA)
  • Avaya provides resource consumption guidelines to the customer based on their specific solution

Platform Requirements for IP Office Virtualization

IP Office virtualization is supported on VMware as the virtualization software. Minimum software and hardware platform requirements must be met:

  • VMware vSphere 4.x or vSphere 5.x software
  • VMware vSphere client software for management (basic client to manage the vSphere ESXi software and virtualized instances running on a single host server)
  • vCenter management software is NOT required for IP Office, however may be useful, particularly where customers have a multi-host server environment
  • Host hardware supporting VMware vSphere AND supporting IP Office minimum resource requirements for the desired configuration (CPU, memory) to meet the customer’s configuration (see below for more details)
  • VMware ESXi generally requires:
    • Intel-based CPUs from the Xeon family with 2 GHz clock speed or better
    • 6 GB or more memory – depends on number of supported users (See below for more details)
    • VMware hardware requirements:
    • Note: The site describes what hardware is required to run vSphere ESXi. The requirements to support IP Office are incremental.
    • VMware hardware compatibility:
    • The VMware vSphere software and applicable hardware must be sourced directly by the partner/customer; it is not sourced from Avaya.

Virtualization OVA

IP Office R9.0 provides a virtualized equivalent of the IP Office Server Edition and Applications Server. These are packaged in a single OVA format ready for installation on vSphere supported host hardware from a PC. The OVA is available as a download from Avaya, or from an orderable DVD. Once deployed on the vSphere host, it can be ignited as one of: Primary, Secondary, Expansion, or Applications Server (VM Pro and one-X Portal).