Time Profiles

IP Office Time Profiles

IP Office time profiles can be used to define when a service, hunt group, least cost route, conference bridge or a user’s dial-in facility are operational. For example, an IP Office time profile can be used to route hunt group calls to a manned extension or voicemail outside of office hours, or be used to apply different Least Cost Routes at varying times of day to take advantage of cheaper call rates.

Using IP Office Time Profiles, multiple time entries can be created so that a profile can be used to define specific hours in the day e.g. 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00. Outside of a Time Profile, voice calls would be re-routed according to the configuration but any currently connected calls at the time the Time Profile changes would not get cut off as the change only affects the routing. Data calls will get cut off as the time profile goes out of service but a new data call will start immediately if specified. IP Office time profiles can also be based on specific calendar dates to make allowance for public holidays or other events.