Text To Speech

IP Office Text To Speech (TTS)

In addition to providing a unified mailbox for voicemail messages, emails and fax message, IP Office VoiceMail Pro can also provide the ability to retrieve email messages through the telephone. When operating in INTUITY mode and with Power Users and/or Mobile Workers licensed these users will be presented with a list of both voicemail messages and email messages. The emails can then be read out over the telephone. When accessing messages through the telephone all new voicemail messages will be presented to the mailbox owner before any new email messages. When accessing an email message the system refers to the message as ‘New message with text’.

Emails will be read based on the user language setting in IP Office, depending on the TTS engine capability. With no additional TTS engine installed IP Office VoiceMail Pro TTS will use the TTS engine installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system. There is an optional IP Office upgrade, IP Office Text To Speech, with which 22 languages are supported. With IP Office Text To Speech, when the user has email reading in their voicemail box, they will be able to record a voice reply to the email, and send it as a .WAV attachment to a reply email to the person who sent the email.