IP Office Teleworker

Avaya IP Office Teleworker provides small businesses with powerful communications tools to enable home and remote workers to be just as accessible and responsive as employees who work in the office.

Teleworker allows small businesses to expand their labour pool by enabling people to work remotely – wherever that may be – with the full array of office phone capabilities.

With just an Internet connection, home and remote workers are a seamless extension of the main office, making it easy for customers and colleagues to reach them. Calls flow through the network reducing costs (and eliminating variable phone expenses), and real estate requirements can be substantially reduced.

The Avaya IP Office teleworker is part of the IP Office Preferred or Advanced Edition

Using the PC Client interface, the Avaya IP Office teleworker user package provides:

  • Work from anywhere with just an Internet connection
  • Inbound & Outbound Call handling (Call, Hold, Transfer, End, Redial, Speakerphone, Mute)
  • Time on call displayed
  • Contact creation
  • Access IP Office Directory (System, Corporate, Personal)
  • 12 customizable feature key buttons
  • Call History log – All, Incoming, Outgoing, Missed
  • Integrated videoconferencing support

Feature details

The Avaya IP Office teleworker solution provides, using the browser interface:

  • Work from anywhere with just an Internet connection and telephone
  • Inbound & Outbound Call handling (Answer, Hold, Transfer, Drop)
  • Receive Caller ID & Name Display (per service provider)
  • Conference Call control (Add, Drop, Record Conference, Mute, Un-mute)
  • Time on call displayed
  • Door opening control
  • Queue Monitoring
  • Phone Preference Setting such as Profiles (Office, Mobile, Home), Do Not Disturb, Voicemail ring back, and Voicemail out calling
  • Personal, System, and External Directory
  • Speed dial and Presence management of users within and across the enterprise
  • Send Instant Messages (IM) to internal users
  • Separate Call History logs – All, Incoming, Outgoing, Missed, Messages
  • Voicemail message management

Point-and-click call handling

The intuitive and easy-to-use browser-based interface makes call handling a snap. Click to dial, transfer, hold, conference, and more. Access hundreds of speed dial entries.

Cost-effective communications

Connecting through a VPN allows remote workers� phone expenses to be reduced or even eliminated. Streamline real estate and facilities costs by hiring full-time remote workers.

Easily manage a dispersed workforce

Presence features allow remote workers and their office counterparts to see each other�s status: who�s on the phone, away from their desk, busy, etc. Record, archive and replay calls for monitoring and training purposes.

Keep office headcount down by hiring remote employees

Hire the right employees whether they live down the block, across the country or on the other side of the world; Teleworker seamlessly connects them to your network so they are virtually in the office.