IP Office Softphone

Usable both inside the office and at remote locations, IP Office Softphone is a PC-based telephony client allowing a user to make and receive phone calls right from his PC, equipped with e.g. a headset of speakerphone. In addition, IP Office Softphone supports end to end video between two softphone users on a IP Office network. Full voice access to the IP Office system is available wherever reliable access to the company network exists. This can be in meeting rooms, using a Voice ready Wi-Fi network, at a remote office site using the local Ethernet interface or at home or in a hotel-room, when connecting to the company network through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). IP Office Softphone offers standard calling functionality, like several call appearances, hold, transfer and access to a large number of IP Office features via dedicated feature keys. Access to IP Office directory is of course also available.

IP Office Softphone can be used as a standalone client (not requiring any additional server) or in combination with one-X Portal for IP Office. If used in combination with the one-X Portal application, the softphone delivers a centralized call log, synchronized with many IP Office telephones as well as a number of collaboration features like presence status indication and instant messaging. one-X Portal can be used with the standard deskphone while working in the office and switched to softphone when working remote.