IP Office SNMP

SNMP is an industry standard designed to allow the management of data equipment from different vendors using a single Network Manager application. The Network Manager will periodically poll equipment to solicit a response, if no response is received an alarm is raised. In addition to responding to polls, IP Office monitors the state of its Extensions, Trunk cards, Expansion Modules and Media cards so that if an error is detected IP Office will notify the Network Manager. IP Office allows two separate Network Managers to be configured so that both a customers Network Manager and a Maintainers Network Manager to be notified of the same alarm condition. As the IP Office solution comprises many applications, the core software notifies SNMP events from both VoiceMail Pro and Embedded voicemail to warn of approaching storage capacity limits. IP Office has been tested against CastleRock’s SNMPc-EE and HP’s Network Node Manager (part of the OpenView application suite).

On customer sites where SNMP management is not available, IP Office can email events using up to 3 email addresses each containing a different set of alarms. The following system event categories can be chosen for email notification, if installed on the system:

  • Generic
  • Trunk lines
  • Embedded Messaging Card
  • VCM
  • Expansion modules
  • Applications
  • License
  • Phone change
  • CSU Loop-Back

IP Office sends email notifications directly to the email server; no additional PC client is needed.