Smartphone Clients

P Office Apple & Android Smartphone Clients

With IP Office 8, one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office delivers one-X Portal for IP Office features on Android and Apple iOS based phones. These features are enabled through purchase of the Mobile Worker or Power User licenses, and do require purchase of Preferred Edition. IP Office software will enforce the need for a Preferred Edition license to be present on the system for the Mobile Worker and Power User licenses to operate. The smartphone client applications, “one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office,” for Android and iPhone can be obtained from their respective app stores. The client applications are free of charge but do require that the IP Office on which they operate have Preferred Edition and the required number of Mobile Worker or Power User licenses.

One-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office provides rich unified communications capabilities for mobile workforce and is designed to give mobile users quick access to various forms of communications and help users conduct normal business while on the move. The application relies on permanent data connection with the communications server and is designed to provide an “always-on” experience delivering asynchronous events of interest to the user as they arrive from the communications server. The application utilizes rich user interface available on the mobile platform and makes use of advanced capabilities and hardware commonly available on mobile devices including streaming audio for visual voicemail, speech recognition to issue audible commands and geo-location presence using on-board GPS.

IP Office supports a rich set of features for mobile workers. In previous releases, mobile twinning and mobile call control could be enabled for individual users through the Mobile Worker and Power User licenses. These licenses were offered with the intent that they would be added to a system running Preferred Edition. As described, with R8.0, the Essential Edition license will enable these features for all users on the system. The application provides unified communications capabilities with the following capabilities:

  • Presence and Instant Messaging with server-side buddy lists and server-managed user groups and client side IM history
  • Visual voicemail with ability to play voicemail messages and ability to manage voicemail messages from the mobile application
  • Rich conference controls with click-to-conference for users and groups, entry and exit notifications, ability to view and manage conference participants (mute/unmute/disconnect/isolate)
  • Advanced user presence monitoring and reporting including geo-location presence and tracking, calendar and on-the-phone presence, following user’s presence and availability
  • Asynchronous voicemail deposit events with ability to listen and intercept voicemail deposits
  • Ability to issue commands to the communications server including call, conference, set location, and view-missed calls, and listen/pickup
  • Enterprise dialing, which is an ability to intercept calls made via standard phone dialer and turn them into enterprise calls (3rd party call control by the server)
  • Ability to define dial plan rules to select which calls to intercept and ability to post-process the dialed numbers to normalize them to the enterprise dialing plan to make the intercept seamless
  • Android home screen widget with summary of outstanding events asynchronously notifies mobile users about events of interest such as – outstanding IM messages, new deposited VM messages, conference participants entry/exits, VM deposit in progress