Simplified Manager

IP Office Simplified Manager

IP Office Simplified Manager runs IP Office in Quick Mode. IP Office Essential Edition operates in two modes, namely Quick Mode and Standard Mode. Standard mode is the current mode of operation of IP Office and is managed using the current Windows GUI based thick client. The Quick Mode is managed by the Simplified Manager, a flavour of IP Office Manager designed to reduce the installation times, specifically for Sub-20 type deployments. This is achieved by enabling configuration of features important for this market segment. The Quick Mode further supports two sub-modes, namely Key Telephone System (KTS) Quick Mode and PBX Quick Mode. Based on the type of the SD card that is installed in the system, IP Office will boot up in one of the two Sub-Modes:

  • U-LAW SD Card: Default = Essential Edition KTS Quick Mode: North America and selected CALA countries
  • A-LAW SD Card: Default = Essential Edition PBX Quick Mode: Rest of the World

The IP Office always boots up in Quick Mode by default. An option to migrate/restart manager in IP Office Standard Mode will be provided. When in Quick Mode the IP Office Manager offers task based configuration to speed up the installation process by providing easy and intuitive management.