Salesforce Integration

IP Office Salesforce Integration

IP Office R8.0 enables integration with for business users. This integration enables customers that are using IP office for their telephony applications to control calls from within the portal itself. This integration is enabled by the “Avaya IP Office Plug-in for” which is a Windows application that runs in the system tray, and provides the following call-control features from the phone available within the portal:

  • Make an outbound call
  • Receive an incoming call
  • Hold/Unhold call
  • Consultative or Blind transfer

The IP Office plug-in for requires Office Worker, Teleworker, or Power User licenses on the IP Office system. Access to the plug-in is through one-X Portal for IP Office. The one-X Portal user selects the configuration tab, then ‘desktop integration’ and downloads the installable plug-in from there.