IP Office Phones

The addition of IP Office phones to the base IP Office phone system is crucial to experience the full range of functionality of the system. These phones are custom created to make the most of the inbuilt functionality and are the perfect business tool to help an employee make the most of their phone system. Each of the phone ranges has a different purpose within the IP Office family, from the premium quality 9600 series to the budget-conscious 1400 series, and from the DECT (wireless) units of the 3700 series to the dedicated conference phones. However, common to all ranges is their low power usage, solid construction, customizable soft buttons (not all models, ie not the hotel phone) and exceptionally clear sound quality.

IP Office Phones – 1400 Series

Designed to serve the needs of a wide range of business users, the IP Office 1400 series digital deskphones offer a contemporary design with advanced audio technology and productivity enhancing features. Combining the features of traditional telephones and the latest in telephone user experience, IP Office 1400 Series digital telephones provide critical capabilities not often found in competitively priced models. The IP Office 1400 series combines the best of past and present. Fixed keys – familiar to any phone user – provide easy access to the most common features, while flexible softkeys provide contextual guidance and prompts for ease of use and efficiency. Integrated speakerphones and other advanced technology deliver clear, clean audio that will satisfy even discerning users. The phones streamlined industrial design gives the office a sleek businesslike look. They’ll also protect your investment – the 1400 Series has been engineered to adapt to a company’s growing needs. Easily attach headsets to the 1408 and 1416 models, and the 32-button expansion module for the 1416 can be programmed to deliver a wide range of features.

IP Office Phones – 1600 Series

The Avaya 1600 Series IP Telephones (also known as Avaya one-X Deskphone Value Edition) is a series of cost-effective IP Telephones that deliver familiar features at an attractive price point for customers with basic communications needs. The series includes a portfolio of phones designed to meet a range of end-user needs including the call centre. Combining the features of traditional telephones and the latest in telephone user experience, 1600 Series IP Telephones provide critical capabilities not often found in competitively priced models.

IP Office Phones – 9500 Series

The Avaya 9500 Digital Deskphone series allows small and medium sized businesses to deliver highly reliable, high quality, communication solutions for a range of user types within the organization. With an appearance and functionality similar to that of the well-established Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones, the 9500 Series can be deployed in mixed digital/IP telephony environments and are an ideal choice for companies wanting to add digital endpoints with a consistent look and user experience to their existing portfolio. The 9500 Series smart design, crystal-clear sound and productivity features make these phones an easy choice for companies looking to gain strategic competitive advantage from their communications infrastructure.

IP Office Phones – 9600 Series

The Avaya 9600 IP Phone line of powerful desk-phones offers top end features, the best in modern telephony, including brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customizability and performance. The phones feature context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large color touchscreens, which deliver increased call control while simplifying the traditional telephone experience. Avaya 9600 Series IP Desk-phones help boost productivity while increasing worker satisfaction – turning a business phone system into a competitive advantage. The 9600 Series works with the Avaya Aura and IP Office platforms, and can be used from headquarters, remote locations, or home offices.