Phone Options

IP Office Phone Options

IP Office supports multiple phones. A dedicated IP Office phone gives advantages over non-Avaya equipment. In summary:

  • IP Telephones
    • IP Office supports Avaya 1600 and 9600 Series IP telephones and Phone Manager PC Softphone.
  • Digital Telephones
    • IP Office supports Avaya 1400 and 9500 Series digital telephones.
  • Analog Phones
    • IP Office 8, 16 or 30 Expansion Modules support standard analog phones, faxes and modems, with support for calling line identification and message waiting indication where these services are provided.
  • Wireless Telephones
    • Avaya IP DECT base stations can be added to support the Avaya IP DECT telephones. The IP Office Digital Station interfaces support the Avaya 3810 telephone. The Avaya 3600 series wireless VoIP telephones are also supported.


  • SIP Telephones
    • IP Office supports a wide variety of SIP devices. 
  • Conferencing Telephones
    • IP Office has its own range of conferencing units.
  • Video
    • IP Office supports video soft-phones and has its own range of video conferencing units.