Outlook Plugin

IP Office Outlook Plugin

Microsoft Outlook is an application that many knowledge workers invoke in the morning, and keep running all day. The IP Office Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook brings a subset of the one-X Portal user experiences to Outlook. The plug-in allows the user to communicate with the contacts without leaving the Outlook window and without needing to bring up other separate client application. This vastly improves user productivity. The IP Office Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook provides the following features:

  • Federated Presence and Instant Messaging
  • Initiate a voice call (to work, to home or whatever number options)
  • Get notifications for incoming calls with options to accept or reject
  • Visual voice mail
  • View the communication history with a selected contact or logged in user
  • Export Outlook contacts to one-X Portal Server
  • Plug-in window can be ‘collapsed’ to avoid capturing the entire screen. The UC features will continue to be available to the Outlook user
  • Call options on context menu of a contact from participant list of email conversation or from the Outlook Calendar or from Outlook Contacts directory


The plug-in for Outlook requires Office Worker, Teleworker, or Power User licenses on the IP Office system. Access to the plug-in is through one-X Portal for IP Office. The one-X Portal user selects the configuration tab, then desktop integration and downloads the installable plug-in from there.

IP Office R9 Outlook Plugin Improvements

With IP Office release 9.0 Avaya is making the Outlook plugin better with new functionality and tighter integration. At the top of the list is IM capability including the ability to escalate in IM to a voice call, conduct multiple simultaneous IM sessions, and save and/or email those conversations for future reference. There is also an enhanced directory support where you can see contact cards complete with details.

Users can also click to dial from within an email. A simple click instead of having to look up the number and dial the number can be a big time savings when you need to make quick call. Finally, the IM capabilities are compatible with the other IP Office applications. For example, an Outlook user can IM with a one-X Mobile user and a Flare Experience user at the same time, and with a simple click, escalate to a voice call. All without leaving Outlook!