On Hold Music

IP Office On Hold Music

The IP Office system now supports up to 4 sources of music on hold – one system source which may be external, internal (WAV) or tone, plus up to 3 additional internal sources. The internal sources are .WAV files saved either in volatile memory, or on the optional memory card in an IP500 and IP406 V2. The .WAV file must be 16bit PCM mono and sampled at 8Khz with a maximum duration of 30 seconds. Alternate sources for music on hold are selectable for use by Incoming Call Routes or Hunt Groups. On IP500 systems, each source can be up to 90 seconds long (30 seconds on IP406 V2 and IP412). External music on hold sources connect to the 3.5mm Audio socket on all IP Office control units.

IP Office On Hold Messaging

However, music on hold can also be a wasted opportunity. We have found that some of the most successful applications of on-hold music have not necessarily involved using music at all but spoken messages. For example, new product promotions can be effectively broadcast to your customers in this manner. We have several clients who have made extremely profitable use of this feature.