Night Service

IP Office Night Service

IP Office Night Service gives your company 24/7 control over your phone lines. When a Hunt Group is in Night Service mode the Hunt Group is temporarily disabled. Callers to this Hunt Group will receive the busy tone or, if Voicemail is operational, played the Out of Hours greeting. Alternatively an IP Office Night Service Fallback group can be used to provide cover, e.g. pass calls to a manned extension or an external number, e.g. a mobile. A Hunt Group can be switched to Night Service mode by a user dialing the appropriate short code by any extension or by specific users.

In IP Office Night Service calls are presented to a Night Service Group. This can be controlled automatically by setting a time profile which defines the hours of operation of the main group or manually using a handset feature code. Voicemail can also be used in conjunction with Hunt Groups to take all group related messages, play an announcement when the Hunt Group is in Night Service or Out of Service mode and give announcements while a call is held in a queue.