IP Office Mobility

IP Office has a large raft of mobility features designed to help your salesmen on the road get the best out of their system. The dedicated user profile “IP Office Mobile Worker” encompasses many of these features, designed as it is for staff who are often out of the office, but don’t require a laptop, IP Office Mobile Worker keeps them readily accessible. Wherever they’re working – with clients, between stores/locations, down the hall, in the warehouse, or on the road – Mobile Worker turns any phone (cell or home phone, for instance) into an extension of their office phone, with many of the call handling features available in the office. You will find details of many of these features on the IP Office subsite.

IP Office Mobile Worker License

The IP Office Mobile Worker license enables a user to be configured to use the IP Office mobility features. Those features include Mobile Twinning, Mobile Call Control (IP500 only), one-X Mobile Client and use of Text to Speech (TTS) for listening to your emails remotely. Read more about IP Office Mobile Worker License.

IP Office Mobile Messaging

IP Office mobile messaging means managing your voice messages together with email messages using the mobile phone. Similar to a unified messaging solution on the desktop PC it enables the user to manage all of their daily messages in one place, in this case the mobile messaging application of the mobile phone (like for example Outlook Mobile on Windows Mobile devices). At the low end of the range of mobile messaging options is the simple voicemail-to-email forwarding using SMTP, which is standard with both the Essential and Preferred Edition. Read more about IP Office Mobile Messaging.

IP Office Mobile Twinning

IP Office Mobile Twinning, enabled using the IP Office mobility license, gives the ability to use a mobile as an extension of your office phone. This allows users to offer a one number approach while also controlling their accessibility, letting users be more mobile whether in or out of the office. IP Office Mobile twinning can be used for mobiles or any other external number (eg: home phone/home-workers), and requires no additional IP Office Hardware. In practical terms, the ‘one number’ approach adopted and promoted within Avaya IP Office means that companies don’t become dependent on the mobile numbers of their employees. For example, if a salesman leaves his/her position, the company will not lose business contacts because the call still goes to the company phone number rather than the employee’s mobile number. Read more about IP Office Mobile Twinning.

IP Office Mobile Call Control

IP Office Mobile Call Control allows a user who has answered a twinned call on their mobile/cell phone to dial a DTMF sequence ** (star-star) to put the call on hold and receive IP Office system dial tone. The user will then be able to perform supervised and un-supervised transfers, shuttle (switch between held calls), and conference (Conference add and transfer to a meet-me conference). Mobile Call Control is a mobility feature similar to but independent of one-X Mobile. It allows any mobile phone user to access IP Office features without using the one-X Mobile client application. Read more about IP Office Mobile Call Control.