Mobile Twinning

IP Office Mobile Twinning

IP Office Mobile Twinning, enabled using the IP Office mobility license, gives the ability to use a mobile as an extension of your office phone. This allows users to offer a one number approach while also controlling their accessibility, letting users be more mobile whether in or out of the office. IP Office Mobile twinning can be used for mobiles or any other external number (eg: home phone/home-workers), and requires no additional IP Office Hardware. In practical terms, the ‘one number’ approach adopted and promoted within Avaya IP Office means that companies don’t become dependant on the mobile numbers of their employees. For example, if a salesman leaves his/her position, the company will not lose business contacts because the call still goes to the company phone number rather than the employee’s mobile number.

A typical use for IP Office Mobile Twinning would be for a salesperson who has a desk extension but is often out of the office. They can give out one phone number to clients, but it will ring their mobile/cell phone as well as the desk extension. External mobile devices can be set as twinning targets even if the primary telephone is logged out (e.g. in the case of a “virtual” extension).