Mobile Messaging

IP Office Mobile Messaging

IP Office mobile messaging means managing your voice messages together with email messages using the mobile phone. Similar to a unified messaging solution on the desktop PC it enables the user to manage all of their daily messages in one place, in this case the mobile messaging application of the mobile phone (like for example Outlook Mobile on Windows Mobile devices). At the low end of the range of mobile messaging options is the simple voicemail-to-email forwarding using SMTP, which is standard with both the Essential and Preferred Edition.

The synchronization of the voice message status between all a user’s devices (Outlook, voicemail telephone interface, one-X Portal, mobile / cell phone) so that listening to a new message at one device changes the message status from new to old in all of these interfaces requires the Preferred Edition. It contains an IMAP interface to integrate the VoiceMail Pro solution with any IMAP capable email system. With the IP Office Preferred Edition in conjunction with an Exchange 2007/2010 Server it is possible to synchronize received voice mails with the email system. If the email system also empowers mobile users to receive, manage, and send messages by their mobile phone (‘Mobile Email’) all voice mails can be managed as well from the mobile / cell phone.

Together with an appropriate mobility solution like Blackberry the Exchange 2007/2010 integration enables visual voicemail on mobile devices. The voice mails provided by the Preferred Edition are specially marked as voicemail so Exchange 2007 handles them different from standard emails so that a mobility solution will be able to show voice mails on the display of the mobile device. Users can now browse through the voicemails, identify high priority ones by caller information and listen to them first.