IP Office Messaging

IP Office offers several messaging applications designed to meet the needs of any size business. IP Office VoiceMail Lite, Embedded Voicemail and VoiceMail Pro offer automated attendant, voicemail, unified messaging, e-mail reading, fax routing, Integrated Voice Response (IVR), text-to-speech (TTS), centralized voicemail, and networked messaging.

IP Office Voicemail provides a telephone answering machine with a personalized greeting on every employee’s desk and allows callers to leave spoken messages when the user cannot answer a telephone call. Voicemail messages are retrieved either locally or remotely via any telephone (users are prompted for a PIN if they are using any telephone other than their allocated extension or a trusted location e.g. mobile telephone). For users who prefer to have email as their main message store, they can forward their voice messages to their email and collect them via their email account.

IP Office messaging applications are a good tool to ensure that every call is answered, even after hours or when everyone is busy, and that messages are properly and efficiently managed. Employees stay connected to the business at all times from any location, helping customers reach the right person, extension or department, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction. Employee efficiency and productivity are maximized as calls are appropriately routed and quickly handled during peak call periods.

IP Office visual voice provides quick access to voicemails and commonly used messaging features.