Linux Parity

IP Office Linux Parity

IP Office R8.0 adds parity between Preferred Edition on Windows and Linux with respect to the following features:

Text to Speech:

The following TTS features that are supported on Windows will be supported by VM Pro on Linux:

  • Creating and executing a SpeakText Action
  • Recording action prompts using TTS
  • Reading Email using TTS – Users can read their e-mail via the TTS capability of Preferred Edition with MAPI integration. This capability will work the exact same way on Linux as it does when Preferred Edition is running on Windows.
  • All languages supported on Windows will be supported by VM Pro on Linux except Hungarian, Korean and Cantonese

Exchange Integration via MAPI:

This feature integrates VM Pro on Linux with Microsoft Exchange via MAPI. Voicemail messages for Preferred Edition on Linux can now be placed into Exchange and can be managed in either place. Full two-way synchronization between the Exchange store and the Preferred Edition store is possible. The integration is enabled using a new MAPI proxy service that acts as a relay agent between the Preferred Edition on Linux and Exchange server. The MAPI proxy service can be installed on any Windows system on the same network as the Exchange server.