Key And Lamp Operation

IP Office Key and Lamp Operations

The Busy Lamp Field feature allows you to see at a glance who is available to take a call, who is already on a call, who has forwarded their phone, and who has placed their phone on Do Not Disturb. IP Office offers a full range of Key and Lamp features on Avaya feature phones. These features include; Line Appearance, Call Appearance, Bridged Appearance and Call Coverage. As these features require a phone with buttons and indicators, the features are only supported on certain Avaya digital and IP phones. Key and Lamp operation is not supported on analog phones.

IP Office can also have a ring delay set on each appearance button to allow time for the target number to answer before other extensions ring, or visual alert only without ring. In Key and Lamp operation, IP Office supports up to 10 buttons on each telephone and 10 telephones with the same line appearance.