iPhone Client

IP Office iPhone Client

Integrating your iPhone with IP Office couldn’t be easier! By using the Iphone client, users can set their Iphone to behave just like an extension at the office, and by combining a premicell onto your IP office installation calls to mobiles become free using your office phone number. The IP Office Iphone application supports all the basic call features that you need to use the iPhone as your main mobile phone:

  • Dial Tone – Provide IP Office dial tone to the user. Similar to Mobile Call Control.
  • Active Appearance Call Select – Attempt a call acquire (steal) on the user’s primary extension. If there is no active or ringing call to acquire, give IP Office dial tone.
  • Automatic Callback – Set a ringback when free when calling an IP Office extension number that does not answer or returns busy.
  • Call Forwarding All Calls – Switch forward unconditional on.
  • Call Forwarding Busy – Switch forward on busy and forward on no answer on.
  • Call Forwarding Deactivation – Switch all forwarding off.
  • Call Park – Park call on the IP Office using the user’s extension ID.
  • Call Unpark – Unpark a call parked using the user’s extension ID.
  • Call Pickup Group – Call Pickup Any
  • Call Pickup Directed – Directed Call Pickup using the entered user or hunt group number.
  • Calling Party Number Block – Make a call from IP Office with CLI withheld.
  • Calling Party Number Unblock – Make a call from the IP Office with CLI allowed.
  • Conference on Answer – Make an additional call and add them to a conference.
  • Drop – Drop last party added to a conference.
  • Exclusion – Make the existing call private. Repeat to remove privacy from existing call.
  • Held Appearance Select – Pickup a held call on the user’s primary extension.
  • Dial Tone – Same as 00 – Dial Tone.
  • Off PBX Call Enable – Switch the user’s Mobile Twinning on.
  • Off PBX Call Disable – Switch the user’s Mobile Twinning off.
  • Send All Calls Enable – Do Not Disturb On.
  • Send All Calls Disable – Do Not Disturb Off.
  • Transfer On Hang Up – Unsupervised transfer.
  • Transfer to Voicemail – Transfer the held IP Office call to the user’s voicemail mailbox.