IP Office IP500 V2


The IP Office IP500 V2 is a new control unit which is an evolution of the existing IP500 and is fully backwards compatible with it. It has 4 card slots into which all existing IP500 cards can be inserted, as well as several new cards which are introduced with Release 6. Avaya IP500 V2 requires the presence of a system SD (Secure Digital) card to operate and to act as its feature key.The IP500 V2 operates in standard IP Office mode as well as a new Avaya IP Office Essential Edition PARTNER Version.

IP Office IP500 V2 SD Card Features

As well as acting as the Feature Key for the IP500 V2 system, the system SD card acts as storage for IP Office Essential Edition messaging, with two ports of voicemail enabled as standard. Additional increments of 2 ports can be added through licenses up to a total of 6 ports. The system SD card also enables faster implementation times since it can be pre-loaded with the correct software, configuration and licenses before installation and then sent to site where it can simply be inserted in the system to complete installation with no management software required.

IP Office IP500 V2 Combination Card

The IP500 V2 supports up to two new Combination Cards which combine multiple station and trunk ports with voice over IP resources in a single cost effective card. These cards are available in two variants supporting either analog or ISDN BRI trunks.

IP Office IP500 V2 New Telephone Support

  • 1400 Series Digital Phones: 1403, 1408, 1416 (plus the DBM32 button module
  • 1600 International Series IP Phones: 1603-I, 1603SW-I, 1608-I, 1616-I plus BM32 button module
  • 9500 Series Digital Phones
  • 9600 Series IP Phones: 9620L, 9620C, 9630, 9630G, 9640, 9640G, 9650, 9650C plus SBM24 button module

IP Office IP500 V2 Features

  • SD Card 
  • Combination Card
  • ETR 6 Card
  • New Telephone Support
  • 4 slots for VCM cards and expansion modules
    • Digital Station 8 Module
    • VCM-32 and VCM-64 cards
    • Phone 2 and Phone 8 cards
  • Optional daughter card (trunk) support:
    • Analog Trunk 4 Module
    • BRI-4 & BRI-8 cards
  • Provides slot for smart card feature keys – required for system operation as well as licensing of features
  • Provides support for IP400 trunk cards and VCM cards using a Legacy Card Carrier
  • 9-pin DTE Port for maintenance.
  • Provides support for up to 8 IP Office expansion cards:
    • Analog Trunk Module 16
    • So8 module
    • (8, 16, 30) Phone modules
    • (16, 30) Digital Station modules
  • External O/P socket for two on/off switch ports, (door telephone systems)
  • Provides audio input for music on hold.
  • Up to 30 voicemail pro ports
  • 48 Data channels
  • Two 10/100 switched ethernet ports (Layer 3)
  • Not Included:
    • (Required) Smart Card Feature Key
    • (Required) Power Lead Type 1
    • (Optional) CD-Documentation