Internet Access

IP Office Internet Access

While the telephone is still the number one business communication tool, Internet access is becoming increasingly important for business-to-business communications. The ability to send and receive email, is now considered mandatory when dealing with many suppliers and customers, while access to the Internet for ecommerce applications and information has become vital. IP Office systems provide shared, secure, high-speed access to the Internet via exchange lines (Central Office), digital leased line or IP VPN services.

Internet security concerns are addressed through the provision of an integrated firewall so removing the need for a standalone firewall. The firewall can be configured to cater for a variety of situations and will allow customers to control who can access external resources and when. The firewall isolates your private networks from the Internet, thereby ensuring that your network remains beyond the reach of hackers, while configurable service quotas can be set against a remote access service to ensure authorized users can gain access.

Service Quotas can place a time limit on outgoing calls to a particular IP Service so limiting costs. Each service can be configured with an alternative fall back, for example, you may wish to connect to your ISP during working hours and at other times take advantage of varying call charges from an alternative ISP. You could, therefore, set up one service to connect during peak times and another to act as fallback during the cheaper period.