Internal Twinning

IP Office Internal Twinning

IP Office internal Twinning is typically used in scenarios like workshops or warehouses where team supervisors may have a desk with a fixed phone but also have a wireless extension (e.g. DECT). When a call is made from either IP Office twinned phone, the call will appear to have come from the primary phone (when the secondary is an extension on the IP Office system). Other users of the system need not know that the supervisor has two different phones. The supervisor’s Coverage Timer and No Answer Time are started for the call and if the call is not answered within that time, the call will be delivered to available coverage buttons (if applicable) and then Voicemail (if applicable). The following features are supported with IP Office internal twinning:

  • Follow Me To
  • Follow Me Here
  • Forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb (inc exceptions)
  • Context less hunt group actions: Membership / Service Status / Fallback Group configuration
  • Voicemail On / Off / Access
  • Call Log 
  • Redial 
  • Personal Directory Entries