Dial Emergency

IP Office Dial Emergency

The IP Office Dial Emergency feature allows any user to dial a short code to override call barring and dial the emergency services. The DialEmergency short code feature can be used to allow any number to override the Outward Restricted option.

On all IP Office systems, short codes using the Dial Emergency feature should be created which are accessible by all users from all extensions. If the system uses prefixes for external dialing, additional Dial Emergency short codes should be created to allow the dialing of emergency calls with and without the dialing prefix. If E911 is not enabled (E911 is US-only), all emergency calls are routed via normal short code operation:

  • In this case Dial Emergency short codes must be created.
  • The lines used to route an extension’s emergency calls must be correctly registered to the physical location of the extension. That information is held by the central office.