Data Migration Manager

IP Office Data Migration Manager (DMM)

The Data Migration Manager (DMM) is a migration tool designed to facilitate quick and easy migration from other products like BCM and Norstar to IP Office. The DMM tool is launched independently of the source and target applications. There are three main steps in the IP Office data migration manager migration process.

  • Extract: This step includes specification of the source from which you intend to extract the configuration data file as well as other data including voicemails, greetings, recorded names etc.
  • Convert: This step includes converting the data in the format of the source product to the format of the destination product. For example convert data that is understood by BCM to data that is understood by IP Office.
  • Apply: This step includes applying the configuration to the destination product, which is always IP Office.

IP Office Data Migration Manager eliminates the need to re-record announcements and greetings when transitioning from BCM or Norstar to IP Office. DMM will extract Nortel Call Pilot configuration and translate it into IP Office settings while moving greetings, announcements and voicemail messages off BCM/Norstar to IP Office. This will reduce the installation times significantly