Cordless Phones

IP Office Cordless Phones

Avaya’s IP DECT add-on delivers secure, high-quality wireless cordless solution to mobile employees within a building, across a campus or throughout a large facility such as a hospital. Consisting of lightweight wireless handsets (portable parts) and associated radio base stations (radio fixed parts), Avaya IP DECT solutions use tried and true standards-based technology that scales to support a large number of users. Avaya IP DECT cordless solutions are doubly useful for those needing high-quality wireless voice communications while keeping voice and data on separate enterprise wireless networks.

  • Protection from eavesdropping and unauthorized network access
  • Reliable wireless voice communications despite heavy wireless LAN or other radio traffic
  • High densities of wireless voice users can be supported
  • Low cost of installation and implementation
  • Avaya IP DECT solution is built on mature, standards-based DECT technology.
  • Delivers reliable, secure, high quality enterprise voice communications
  • Seamless handover enables active IP DECT voice calls to traverse Radio Fixed Part (RFP) ranges without interruption.
  • Reduces dropped calls and associated inconvenience.
  • DECT’s dedicated frequency range reduces the potential for radio frequency interference from other sources.
  • Can deliver better voice quality than alternative technologies that operate in a crowded frequency band.
  • Portable Access Rights Key (PARK) and International Portable Equipment Identity (IPEI) together ensure that only authorized handsets access the DECT network.
  • Helps discourage “hacking”.
  • DECT Encryption
  • Standard encryption of DECT communications
  • Prevents unauthorized eavesdropping by 3rd parties.
  • The Dynamic Channel Selection and Allocation mechanism of DECT guarantees that radio links are always set up on the least interfered channel available.
  • High quality voice communications