Campus, Warehouse & Factory

IP Office for the Campus, Warehouse & Factory

IP Office offers various solutions for users working at a campus, warehouse and factory who have a need to be accessible all over site.

IP Office Wireless

IP Office Wireless Solutions include DECT and Wi-Fi based wireless IP telephones. These are solutions that keep communication costs firmly under control and integrate seamlessly with IP Office. Wireless has various obvious benefits:

  • The wireless telephone is carried in the pocket, so users are not tied to the desk in order to remain in contact.
  • Users may be contacted instantly to speed up decision making with an immediate response to problems through planned radio coverage with no blind spots.
  • Once installed the solutions do not incur additional cost like mobile telephones would do, allowing a tight budget control.

IP Office supports the following wireless solutions:

  • DECT R4, the DECT based solution for IP Office. Running in a separate, reserved frequency range, this solution provides best in class voice quality and is totally interference free from other radio equipment. Details on this solution portfolio can be obtained by calling Telefonix Voice & Data.
  • Avaya VoIP Wi-Fi Solution, leveraging the Wi-Fi data network, allow a single infrastructure for both voice and data traffic. Leveraging an existing, voice ready Wi-Fi network allows a cost efficient deployment of a converged wireless data and voice nfrastructure using the 802.11a, b and g standard. The solution is offered worldwide in selected countries including North America, EU countries and selected others.

IP Office Remote

IP Office supports the following VPN remote phone solutions: VPN phone client on 4610SW, 4621SW, 5610SW, 5621SW and 9600 Series IP telephones.

IP Office Twinning

IP Office twinning allows a primary extension and a secondary number (internal extension or external number) to operate together as a single telephone, when a call is presented to the primary phone the secondary will ring. If the primary telephone does not ring, for example in Do Not Disturb, the secondary phone will not ring.

IP Office Internal Twinning

IP Office internal twinning is typically used in scenarios such as workshops or warehouses where team supervisors may have a desk with a fixed phone but also have a wireless extension (e.g. DECT). Other users of the system need not know that the supervisor has two different telephones. The supervisor’s Coverage Timer and No Answer Time are started for the call and if the call is not answered within that time, the call will be delivered to available coverage buttons (if applicable) and then Voicemail (if applicable). The following features are supported with internal twinning:

  • Follow Me To
  • Follow Me Here
  • Forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb (inc exceptions)
  • Context less hunt group actions: Membership / Service Status / Fallback Group configuration
  • Voicemail On / Off / Access
  • Call Log (Central Call Log for T3 and 1400/1600/9600 telephones only)
  • Redial (Central Call Log for T3 and 1400/1600/9600 telephones only)
  • Personal Directory Entries (for T3 and 1400/1600/9600 telephones only)