Call Waiting

IP Office Call Waiting

A User may not want people calling them to receive busy tone if they are already on another call, but have the call receive ring tone and have some kind of alert that there is a call waiting. The user can then decide to finish or hold the current call and answer the one that is waiting. The amount of information that is available about the call that is waiting depends on the type of phone the user has, or if they are using one-X Portal for IP Office or Phone Manager.

As Call waiting tone can be disruptive it is possible to turn the feature on or off and even suspend it for a single call – useful for conference calls. IP Office phone systems provide various options. The user may:

  • Ignore the Call Waiting
  • Disable Call Waiting for the duration of this call.
  • Clear the current call and pickup the waiting call
  • Place the current call on hold and pick up the waiting call.
  • Suspend the current call into the specified park slot and pick up the waiting call.
  • Pass the call to voicemail.
  • Send all calls to voicemail