Call Steal

IP Office Call Steal

IP Office has a feature called “call steal” (also known as Call Reclaim) that allows a user to take over a call currently connected at another extension. The benefit is that it allows users to assist a colleague who indicates they want you to take the call.

The IP Office Call Steal function can be setup as a special short code or programmed against a button on an Avaya digital or IP phone with programmable buttons. Use of the feature is subject to IP Office intrusion control settings, the user acquiring the call must be set to be able to intrude and the user whose call is being acquired must be set to can be intruded. IP Office Call Steal works in two ways, invoked with or without a number:

Without a value in the number field

  • This allows an IP Office user to reclaim a call that was ringing on their phone but has now gone elsewhere, for example to Voicemail or Forward No Answer destination. The Call Steal settings are not checked and the call can be reclaimed even if it has been answered.
  • If the last call to ring this User is no longer ringing or connected on the system, the feature will fail.

With a number, where the number is the telephone number of an IP Office user who currently has the call to be acquired.

  • If the IP Office user has a call ringing or waiting Call Steal will act like the Call PickUp Extension short code and the user executing Call Steal will be connected to the oldest ringing/waiting call.
  • If the IP Office User has a connected call with no call waiting and the Intrude settings of the two Users allow it, the call will be connected to the user executing the Acquire Call and the other user will be disconnected.
  • If the IP Office User does not have a call the feature will fail.