Call Recording

IP Office Call Recording

IP Office with VoiceMail Pro, the voicemail package included on our bundles, has free, inbuilt call recording. Tamper-proof, this will record your call, save the recording to your mailbox, your group mailbox or the company voice recording library.

This has a large number of useful business applications. For example, when a caller is going to give detailed information such as an address or phone number, ping on the recording facility and your caller will hear a warning message or tone that the call is being recorded. Also, if call recording is required for Quality Assurance, it is possible to set the IP Office system to automatically record a percentage of calls for later review.

Beginning with IP Office R4.0, any call (normal, conference, or intrusion) and any phone type (including IP) can be recorded. Where “advice of recording” needs to be played, IP Office will ignore Voicemail port licensing if an insufficient number of voicemail channels have been licensed. In terms of call recording, other 3rd packages can also be added to IP Office which provide call recording that is legally admissible in court, the requirement being that it has to be encrypted.