Call History

IP Office Call History

Call history gives users access to a list of called, received and missed calls from the phone and/or IP Office applications. IP Office keeps a record of calls made and received, including unanswered calls. Details are store for both users (maximum 30 entries) and hunt groups (maximum 10 entries). The method of operation varies according to the phone type but in all cases the call records can be used for return calls.

With IP Office Release 6, a centralized call log is supported by 1400, 1600 and 9600 Series phones (not 1403 or 1603/1603SW) and one-X Portal for IP Office (leading to consistency between the two). 5400 Series and 5600 Series call logs are stored on the phone. One-X Portal for IP Office accesses the centralized call log and therefore presents a record of all calls even if the user’s PC is switched off when a call is received. Call log entries can be added to the personal directory.

IP Office Phone Manager maintains a call history record of the user’s last 100 calls. The application must be running to record call history. Phone Manager Lite can display call history for all calls and missed calls only. Phone Manager Pro can display call histories for all calls, missed calls, inbound calls and outbound calls. Entries in the call history can be used for return calls, sorted and added to the Phone Managers local directory or speed dials.

  • Missed calls are easily tracked and can be returned.
  • Call log data is retained even after power down and a system reset (1400, 1600, 9600, T3 and one-X Portal for IP Office).
  • Centralized call log is supported in the SCN when using hotdesking (1400, 1600, 9600, T3 and one-X Portal for IP Office).
  • Consistency between desktop phones and user productivity application (1400, 1600, 9600, T3 and one-X Portal for IP Office).