Call Barring

IP Office Call Barring

IP Office makes it possible to prevent or allow calls to certain numbers such as international numbers or premium rate numbers for individual users or on a system wide basis.

IP Office supports call barring at many levels. Short codes can be used at the system or individual user level to block the external routing of specific numbers or types of numbers. Typically the barring short codes are set to return busy tone, however they could route the call to an alternate number or to a Voicemail service that returns a ‘barred dialing message’.

For users, the short codes can be allocated to a User Rights template. This template is then applied to the Users whose calls need restriction. In addition to barring the dialling of certain numbers, IP Office can be set to bar the forwarding of calls to external numbers on a per user basis.

For example, if employees spend a lot of company money dialing 118118 enquiries, call barring can be set up to prevent these calls or even to release a message inviting staff to look up the number online.