Call Appearance

IP Office Call Appearance

IP Office Call appearances allow a single user to make, answer and switch between multiple calls by pressing the appropriate call appearance button for each call. During busy times, you may find that you have more than one call coming into you. With call appearance you’re able to see all the numbers calling you and select the one who you feel is the most important. Ie your best client!

IP Office call appearance uses a programmable button on the Avaya digital and IP telephone to represent an incoming or outgoing call. Separate buttons are used to represent each simultaneous call that the user can make or answer. Where possible, the status of the calls (ringing, connected or held) is indicated by the button indicator.

On Avaya IP Office digital and IP telephones that have programmable buttons, those buttons can be set as call appearance buttons through the IP Office Manager. The number of call appearance buttons set for a user determines the number of simultaneous calls they can make and answer. It is only when all call appearances are in use that subsequent callers receive either busy tone, voicemail or follow a forward on busy action. When call appearance buttons are used, a minimum of three call appearance buttons is recommended where possible, although some phones are restricted to two call appearance buttons by the number or design of their programmable buttons.