Basic Edition

IP Office Basic Edition

IP Office Basic Edition was introduced as part of IP Office R8, and represents the most basic level of telephony without IP or applications. IP Office Basic Edition runs on what was formerly known as ‘quick mode’, and can cater for up to 100 users on analog or digital. IP Office Basic Edition enables:

IP Office Basic Edition is targeted at sub 20 customers, and upgrading to IP Office Essential Edition from Basic Edition now requires a new license. IP Office Basic Edition is IP Office Essential Edition without Mobile Twinning(although Call Forward to the mobile device continues to be supported in Basic Edition) but with a new deployment tool, “Avaya IP Office Web Manager” (web browser system management).

  • Server-free operations – voicemail embedded in unit, eliminating the need for external servers.
  • Set it and forget it – system requires virtually no “hands-on” support.
  • Out of the box operations – automatically starts up in a basic phone system mode. No programming required.
  • Easy system management – system can be programmed using Telephone User Interface (TUI) commands or the Simplified Manager GUI software for more detailed administration.
  • Remote Administration – allows the system to be remotely administered via the built-in dial-up modem; or via a LAN / WAN connection
  • Investment protection – users can start with the Quick Mode of operation, and switch to Essential Edition Standard Mode later without replacing hardware or licenses.