Appearance Buttons

IP Office Appearance Buttons

IP Office Appearance Buttons allow users to use the programmable buttons available on Avaya digital and IP telephones to represent individual calls, leading to the ability to answer, originate and join calls by pressing the appropriate appearance buttons. The benefits include the indication of calls connected and calls waiting and handling of multiple calls from a single phone.

Many Avaya digital and IP telephones supported by IP Office have programmable buttons. These buttons can be assigned to appearance functions that allow the handling of calls. These functions are:

  • Line Appearance Buttons – Used to indicate make and answer calls on a specific external trunk.
  • Call Appearance Buttons – Used to handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls from a user’s extension.
  • Bridged Appearance Buttons – Used to match the call appearance buttons on a colleagues extension.
  • Call Coverage Buttons – Used to indicate unanswered calls ringing at a colleagues extension.