Active Call Preservation

IP Office Active Call Preservation

IP Office provides numerous resiliency enhancements throughout the solution. With Release 9.0, Server Edition can now preserve the RTP (or voice) stream of active calls during network or call server outages where possible; Active call preservation is supported on 96×1 H.323 phones with H.323 and SIP trunks including SCN trunks between Server Edition Systems.

Let’s take an example based on the diagram on slide. Say we have a Server Edition customer with 9611 phones and SIP trunks and the secondary server happens to experience a power failure. The phones that are attached to that server which are on a call will stay active. Once the user disconnects from the, the endpoint will re-register to the primary server and will have full functionality as in a normal situation. As deployment sizes get larger, this capability becomes more important, and provides even more value to the customer. It is important to note that while the call can continue as long as media can flow but other call features like hold or transfer will not be available.