Absent Text

IP Office Absent Text

Absent text messaging is a feature of IP Office that allows a user to set an absent statement that will be displayed on the internal caller’s terminal, as well as on Phone Manager and the softconsole. The IP Office system absent text has 10 pre-configured messages as well as the ability to customize text.

Phone Manager supports the use of absent messages where the user can specify one of a series of messages, then enter a text string to personalize these messages. For example: ‘On Holiday until 12th August’. This functionality provides a user with a quick method of providing information to other internal callers, who can then better judge whether or not to leave a message or to contact a colleague instead. Note – the use of commas in absent text messages should be avoided.

Setting your Absent Text

The information you select is displayed when an internal call is made to your extension. To use absent text on Phone Manager, complete the following steps

  1. Click Actions > Absent.
  2. Select an Absent Message.
  3. Enter the Absent text.
  4. Click OK.

When a user has an absence text message set, call processing is not affected to the user and they still have the choice of using features like Do Not Disturb or Forward on No Answer as appropriate. Phones that support the interactive setting of Absence Text will also display it on the users own phone for the benefit of people who come to their desk. There are 10 predefined strings for Absence Text: None (no text message), “Don’t disturb until”, “On vacation until”, “With visitors until”, “Will be back”, “With cust. til”, “At lunch until”, “Back soon”, “Meeting until”, “Back tomorrow”, “Please call” & Custom.