Spirit 1224/2448 programming

Quick Reference Guide Spirit 1224/2448 System Customization

Administration – At extension 10 (24-button phone only) press INTERCOM, press SPEAKER, dial *92448. Install the administration overlay. All of the following procedures are done while in Administration. The numbers in parentheses after the program heading are the factory default values. Light patterns indicate current settings: 1=Off, 2=On, 3=Slow flash, 4=Wink

System Customization – Dial 1, customize a feature below

Automatic Privacy (2)                                         Toll Call Check (1)
Press FEATURE                                                      Press FEATURE
Dial 1                                                                   Dial 2
1=Off, 2=On                                                        1=required, 2=not required
Held Call Reminder (1)                                       Line Type (2)
Press FEATURE                                                     Press FEATURE
Dial 3                                                                  Dial 4
0=No reminder, 1=1 min, 2=2 mins,                     Press line button(s)
3=3 mins, 4=4 mins                                            1=Unavail 2=Outside 3=PBX

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