Connect Voysys to Merlin 1030/3070

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Quick Reference Guide

Voysys on Merlin 1030/3070

1-Please read the Voysys System Reference manual in its entirety before installing a Voysys for the first time.

2-Verify that there are enough available station and line ports on the Merlin 1030/3070 system to make the required connections to the Voysys. Additional station and/or line boards may be necessary in order to install the Voysys.

3-Make all necessary programming changes to the Merlin 1030/3070 system before connecting to the Voysys.

4-The Voysys emulates a Merlin 1030/3070 attendant position. Stations 11, 12, 13, and 14 must be used to connect to the four Voysys emulation jacks. The switches on the Merlin 1030/3070 processor for these four stations must be set to attendant for proper operation of the Voysys. Changing the position of any of these switches requires a reboot of the Merlin 1030/3070 system. Make these changes before powering on the Voysys.

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