Changing the name on an extension on Merlin Legend

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Merlin Legend, All releases

To change the name on phone, you need to re-label the extension.

A label can have a maximum of seven characters.

To administer Labels for Extensions from the System Programming console:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Press System Program.
  3. Press Exit or Start.
  4. Press More or Right Arrow Key.
  5. Press Labeling.
  6. Press Directory.
  7. Press Extension.
  8. Dial the extension number that you want to administer.
  9. Press Enter.
  10. Press Drop.
  11. Enter the label information for the extension number selected.  (Remove the plastic covers from the line and feature buttons, and remove the white labels.  You will see the letters “A-F” on the display and the letters “G-Z” on the buttons.  Enter the new name of the extension.  See note below.)
  12. Press Enter.
  13. Press Exit or Back.
  14. Press Home or Exit to exit programming mode.

Note: When programming on the system programming console, use the buttons next to the display to specify the letters A through I and punctuation. Use the line/feature buttons to specify additional alphanumeric characters for labels. Use the template provided with the System Programming console to see which line buttons correspond to which alphanumeric characters. (you will have to remove the plastic overlays to see the letters)

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Changing Auto Attendant recording on Partner Messaging R1/6/7

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If you do not know which voicemail you have, click here.

To change the the Auto attendant recording:

  • Dial into V-Mail:           Get Mail button (or Int 777)

  • Enter Mailbox:              Press “0″ followed by #(Zero)
  • Password:                        Press, 123456 followed by # (generally the admin password)
  • Press:                                9, you will not be prompted for this.
  • Auto Attendants:          Press 3
  • A/A number:                 (1-4) (probably 1)
  • Day/Night menu:          1-Day 2-Night
  • Listen/modify:               2-Listen 6-Modify
  • Selector codes:             When prompted for selector codes, just  press * #
  • Record greeting:            Press 1, press 1 again to stop recording.  21 to re-record, 23 to listen, OR:
  • Make sure, after done recording that you press * # to save the greeting
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    Setting up Merlin Legend for Voicemail

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    Setting up Merlin Legend for Voicemail

    Assign voicemail ports to Calling Group 770

    System Programming>Exit>Extensions>More>Group Calling>Members>Dial 770>Enter Extension numbers to assign.

    Assign Calling Group 770 as Integrated VMI Group Type

    System Programming>Exit>Extensions>More>Group Calling>More>Group Type>Dial 700>Press Integrated VMI for change.

    Assign Lines/Pools to be answered by AA, to Voicemail Extensions

    System Programming>Exit>Extensions>More>Group Calling>Line/Pool>Dial 770>Press line/pool keys to assign.

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    Connect Voysys Voicemail to Merlin phone system

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    Quick Reference Guide To Voysys Connecting Voysys To The Merlin System

    1 -Please read and understand the Voysys System Reference manual in its entirety before installing a Voysys for the first time.

    2-Verify that there are enough available station and line ports on the Merlin system to make the required connections to the Voysys. Additional station and/or line boards may be necessary in order to install the Voysys.

    3-Make all necessary programming changes to the Merlin system before connecting to the Voysys.

    4-Merlin 410, Merlin 820 Classic, and Merlin Plus systems must use station 10 in the first Voysys emulation jack. The Voysys emulates a 34-button deluxe attendant station programmed to its default condition in order to properly light station message lights, and initiate voice announce intercom calls to the correct station.

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    Troubleshooting Legend/Magix T1 issues

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    PRI TROUBLESHOOTING- D Channel Inoperative

    1)    Check Permanent alarm table for any other T carrier related alarms (i.e., DS1 loss of  Signal). If present trouble shoot those alarms. (See Errors below)
    2)    Verify the status of the network and the DTE on the CSUs  LEDs. Troubleshoot
    accordingly if either side shows a problem . (On 3160/3164 CSU, verify that the LEDs are assigned to DTE.
    3)   Verify that the CSU channels are mapped and Programmed for DATA
    4)   Verify that the CO (Central Office) switch selection in the PRI programming is correct i.e., B8ZS/ESF
    5)   Verify that the Magix TEI is set for 0 ( Lines/Trunks>PRI>Protocol>TEI.)
    6)   Demand Test the 100d module
    7)   If the T carrier is set to AMI, verify that the CO (Central Office) has inverted the D-channel
    8)   Attempt to reset the PRI by disconnecting the cable at the 100D, wait 1 minute and then reconnect the cable
    9)   Run the CSU Loop back test to a 103 loop back or loop back plug towards the Magix at the Smart jack
    10) Verify that the Technician , while programming, did not program the PRI, then reprogram the T1 and then reprogram back to PRI. If so, system erase the Magix and re program the PRI and retest.
    11) Cycle Power on the Magix
    12) Verify the configuration of the CO (Central Office ) switch with the CO Technician
    A)    If the CO is a 5ESS make sure they are running ATT Custom
    B)    If the CO is a DMS 100 and/or DMS 250 make sure they have Variant= NTNAPRI, (L1 flags in Trunk Sub Group = Yes) If set to ‘NO’ the D channel will act problematic.
       C)    If DSX600E make sure Profile =p250.
    13) Have the CO restart the PRI and determine why the D channel didn’t come up.
    14) Verify the continuity for the T by having the CO run a stress test to a loop back at the CSU
    15) Replace the 100d
    16) Replace the Processor
    17) At  this point the problem has to be a Network issue.

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    Merlin Legend/Magix Initial PRI setup.

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    Quick programming for Merlin Legend/Magix, for setting up a PRI.  That has been floating around the internet for awhile, and I forget whom should get credit for it.  Once set up, if you need troubleshooting help, see this post.

    Switch must be on Hybrid Mode

    1. Set Frame Format to Extended Super Frame
    Lines Trunks=>LS/GS/DS1=>enter slot + Enter =>Frame Format=>Extended Super Frame=>Enter.

    2. Set Suppression
    Lines Trunks=>LS/GS/DS1=>enter slot + Enter =>Suppression=>B8ZS=>Enter.

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    Programming Spirit 308/616

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    Quick Reference Guide

    Spirit 308/616 – System Customization

    Administration – Set the Admin switch on the Spirit controller to ON. At extension 10 (6-button or 24-button phone) press INTERCOM, press SPEAKER, dial *0. Install the administration overlay. All of the following procedures are done while in Administration. The numbers in parentheses after the program heading are the factory default values. Light patterns indicate current settings: 1=Off, 2=On, 3=Slow flash, 4=Wink

    System Customization – Dial 1, customize a feature below

    Automatic Privacy (2)                                        Toll Call Check (1)

    Press FEATURE                                   Press FEATURE
    Dial 1                                          Dial 2
    1=Off, 2=On                                     1 = 1 required, 2 = 1 not required

    Held Call Reminder (1)                                       Line Type (2)

    Press FEATURE                             Press FEATURE Dial 3 Dial 4                            0=No reminder, 1=1 min, 2=2 mins, Press line button(s)              3=3 mins, 4=4 mins 1=Unavailable line, 2=Outside line, 3=PBX/Centrex line

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    Merlin Plus R1 Programming

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    Quick Reference Guide Merlin PlusR1 System Administration

    System Administration – Enter System Administration from station 10 by pulling the switch on the left-hand side of the phone down to ‘P’ and pressing the Admin button, which is the bottom right button on a 34-button phone. (If you are not using a 34-button phone, dial #01 instead. In all instances below that instruct you to press the Admin button, dial #01.)

    System Administration programming procedures

    Outside Lines – Dial *4 plus the number of outside lines (1-8) in the system. Press the Admin button. The phone will beep 2 times to verify successful entry.

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    Merlin II R3 Administration

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    Merlin II R3 – System Administration

    System Administration – Place the administration overlay on the Merlin II display console. Enter System Administration from station 10 by pulling the switch on the left-hand side of the Merlin II display console down to “P” and pressing the Conference button 2 times. The following procedures are performed while in System Administration mode.

    System Administration programming procedures

    Attendant PositionsPress>System>Attendnts>Position. Press the DSS button of a station to assign it as an attendant (green light on). Only every fourth Merlin station jack may be assigned as an attendant (10, 14, 18, etc.). A max of 8 attendants can be assigned.

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