FNE Codes Decrypted

With mobility (Mobile Twinning) becoming such a common part of life for workers, IP Office can do this with ease, even on Essential Edition.

Remembering that everyone can have Mobile Twinning for free, once the platform is licensed for Essential Edition and higher (Essential, Preferred and Server Edition).

FNE Number Feature DID Numbers
00 System Dial Tone 513-555-1000
01 Steal Call 513-555-1001
02 Auto Call Back 513-555-1002
04 Forward All Calls 513-555-1003
05 Forward Busy and No Answer Calls 513-555-1004
06 Call Forward Disable 513-555-1005
07 Park Call 513-555-1006
08 Call UnPark 513-555-1007
09 Pick Up Group 513-555-1008
10 Directed Call Pick Up 513-555-1009
12 Withheld CLI (To External Calls off IPO) 513-555-1010
13 Enable CLI (To External Calls off IPO) 513-555-1011
14 Conference Add 513-555-1012
15 Drop Call 513-555-1013
16 Private Call (cannot be intruded or recorded) 513-555-1014
17 Held Appearance Select 513-555-1015
18 Same as FNE 00 – Dial Tone Appearance (a=) 513-555-1016
19 Enable Twinning 513-555-1017
20 Disable Twinning 513-555-1018
24 DND On 513-555-1019
25 DND Off 513-555-1020
26 Blind Transfer 513-555-1021
27 Transfer to Voicemail 513-555-1022

As you can see by the above table, we need to assign every feature we want to use, to it’s very own DID number.  Once set up, you just call that number to activate the feature.  For instance, to turn o Twinning, you would dial 513-555-1017, from the phone number that is set up for mobile twinning….soo lets look at the IP Office side of things.

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