No User Source Codes

Standard User Source Numbers

The following types of record can be added to a user’s source numbers:

These affect all users on the system. Note that these source numbers typically require a reboot of the IP Office system to become effective.

V<Caller’s ICLID>
Strings prefixed with a V indicate numbers from which access to the users mailbox is allowed without requiring entry of the mailbox’s voicemail code. This is referred to as “trusted source”.
For Voicemail Pro running in Intuity mode, trusted source is used for calls from programmable buttons set to Voicemail Collect and Visual Voice. Other   controls are prompted for the mailbox number and then password.
R<Caller’s ICLID>
To allow Dial In/RAS call access only from a specified number prefix the number with a “R”, for example R7325551234.
H<Group Name>
Allows the user to receive message waiting indication of new group messages. Enter H followed by the group name, for example HMain.
On suitable display extensions, the hunt group name and number of new messages is displayed. Refer to the appropriate telephone user guide.
If the user is using Phone Manager, the Messages tab shows the hunt group name and number of new messages.
If the user is not a member of the group, a voicemail code must be set for the group’s mailbox. See Voicemail Code on the Hunt Group | Voicemail tab.
P<Telephone Number>
This record sets the destination for callback (outbound alert) calls from voicemail. Enter followed by the telephone number including any necessary external dialing prefix, for example P917325559876. This facility is only available when using Voicemail Pro through which a default Callback or a user specific Callback start point has been configured. Refer to the Voicemail Pro documentation. This feature is separate from voicemail ringback and Voicemail Pro outcalling.
RESERVE_LAST_CA (Release Up to 3.2)
Used for users with multiple call appearance buttons. When present, this string stops the users last call appearance button from being used to receive incoming calls. This ensures that the user always has a call appearance button available to make outgoing calls and to initiate transfers and conferences. For Release 4.0 and higher this option has been replaced by Reserve Last CA (User | Telephony | Multi-line Options)

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