New IP Office Select: this new offering is a premium software solution which includes all the features of Server Edition plus enterprise grade functionality. It is targeted at large mid-market customers with more sophisticated communications requirements. It can scale to 3000 users / 150 sites and includes extensive resiliency options. It can also be sold as a cloud option. Server Edition is still available with R9.1.

Branch enhancements: IPO 9.1 can be deployed as a branch solution for standalone branch offices and now includes enhancements for Avaya Aura branch solutions, making IP Office an even better option for larger opportunities.

Better Unified Communications: A key new UC feature in IPO 9.1 is built-in web collaboration based on the Avaya Aura Conferencing (AAC) solution. Users will be able to leverage audio conferencing, desktop/application collaboration, document sharing and white boarding. Avaya IP Office 9.1 also features enhancements to one-X Mobile Preferred for better security, user experience and more features. Avaya will make the UC application portfolio cloud-ready which will provide higher margins, scale as well as security.

Improved IP Office Web Manager: this improved tool will enable easier management of the IP Office platform with enhanced user interface and extra features, making it an effective tool for managing Essential Edition, Preferred Edition, Server Edition and IP Office Select.

Even better security policies and more encryption: TSL/SRTP, H.323, etc.

The IP500 and IP500V2 are stackable (2U) units with an optional 19″ rack mounting kit and an optional wall mounting kit for smaller configurations. IP Office IP500 V2 can scale up to 384 analog, digital or IP telephones and 8 T1 trunks.


4 slots to house a mixture of extension cards and VCM cards:

  • Digital Station 8 card
  • Phone 2 and Phone 8 cards
  • VCM-32 and VCM-64 cards
  • 4-Port Expansion card
  • Combination Card with 10 VCM channels, 4 analog trunks, 6 Digital Station (DS) and 2 Phone ports. (IP500 V2 only)
  • Combination Card with 10 VCM channels, 2 BRI trunk interfaces (4 channels), 6 Digital Station (DS) and 2 Phone ports. (IP500 V2 only)
  • UCMv1 running preferred edition and One-x Portal
  • UCMv2 (9.1 only)  running preferred edition and One-x Portal

Optional trunk daughter card support:

  • Analog Trunk Module 4 card
  • BRI-4 and BRI-8 cards (2 x 2B+D and 4 x 2B+D channels respectively)
  • Single and Dual Universal PRI cards
  • Support for IP400 trunk and VCM cards using a Legacy Card Carrier (up to 9.0)

VCM Cards provide Voice Compression Resources, and are required when the system is equipped with IP Phones, VoIP or SIP trunks, to provide compression between TDM and IP.


  • IP 500: Slot for smart card Feature Key – required for system operation as well as licensing of optional features.
  • IP 500: Slot for Compact Flash card – used for embedded messaging as part of Essential Edition. 
  • IP500 V2 : 2 Slots for SD cards (System and optional) – System SD card is required for system operation as well as licensing of optional features and storage for embedded voicemail in Essential Edition. 
  • 9-pin DTE Port for maintenance. 
  • Support for up to 12 IP Office Expansion Modules (requires upgrade to Professional Edition):
    • Phone modules (16, 30)
    • Digital Station modules (16, 30)
    • Analog Trunk Module 16
    • BRI So8 module
    • IP400 expansion modules (not WAN3 10/100 or Network Alchemy modules)
    • IP Office Release 9.1 will no longer support the following legacy IP 400 modules:
       Phone 8/16/30
       DS 16/30v1 (the v2 will still work as there is no hardware difference with the IP500 DSv2 modules)
       DIGITAL S0x8 and DIGITAL S0x16
       Extension/VCM Carrier


  • External O/P socket supporting two relay on/off switch ports, e.g. for door entry systems.
  • Audio input port for external music on hold source.
  • 48 Data channels
  • Up to 40 Voicemail Pro ports
  • Two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports (Layer 3).

Front View:



V2 Rear View: